WhatsApp Pay: see the importance of this new tool

THE Whatsapp it is no longer just a messaging and relationships tool. Now, the messenger has gained influence in the financial market, even after the implementation of WhatsApp Pay.

The payment solution Whatsapp is similar to the Central Bank (BC) PIX. The difference is that while the PIX is related to bank accounts, WhatsApp Pay is linked to Visa or Mastercard debit cards.

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In this way, to carry out a transfer, the person needs to add personal and card data to confirm the transaction. The procedure takes place within the conversation itself with the contact who will receive the values.

Although there are some initial requirements, such as incorporating the debit card into the platform through another resource, using the tool is not complex. The expectation is that the functionality will grow even more in the coming months, mainly due to the fact that it does not charge operating fees.

In this sense, the option becomes advantageous for retailers, as it increases the amount of cash payments and improves cash flow. Many establishments that depend on credit cards need to anticipate the amounts – the action has a high cost, but with the Whatsapp Pay, the money enters in real time and without discounts.

It is worth mentioning that soon when it was launched, the Whatsapp Pay went through challenges due to the PIX operation. However, the point is not to rival the payment options, that’s because they carry important differences.

WhatsApp Pay must have a debit card in the back with the Visa and Mastercard flags. In addition, it has a limit of operations and is currently focused on individuals.

already the PIX, is disseminated in different companies that accept it as an important means of payment and the number of operations can be defined by the financial institution. In this case, one does not compete with the other.

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