With covid, Aline Campos generates controversy by saying that she seeks manicure in Noronha | celebrities

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Published 01/14/2022 11:11 | Updated 01/14/2022 11:27

Rio – After testing positive for Covid-19, Aline Campos, formerly of Riscado, generated controversy when she said, this Thursday, that she was looking for a manicurist who was also sick and asymptomatic to paint her nails. Netizens did not welcome the publication of the model as the country is experiencing a growing number of Covid-19 cases due to the transmissibility of the ômicron variant.

“Wanted: manicurist and masseur in Noronha with Covid and without symptoms!”, wrote Aline in the caption. The model is isolated in Fernando de Noronha, where she was on vacation with her children, who also tested positive for the disease.

Twitter users criticized the post. “Aline Riscado, who is now Aline Campos, has covid and asked for a masseuse and manicurist who were also ‘invited’ to do service for her… Look, huh, my people, selling wisdom”, joked one person. “There are people who stuck the notion in their own ass”, criticized another. “Aline Campos’ stories even seem like satire”, argued a third.

After the repercussion, the model also spoke on Instagram Stories, said that she follows all protocols against the disease and maintains isolation after testing positive. He also stated that the previous publication was nothing more than a joke and apologized “if it offended anyone”.

“Anyone who knows and follows me knows how much I respect this virus! No wonder I’m not going to the agglomeration, I didn’t go to New Year’s Eve parties, etc! I come across comments on my last post now from the feed of people mad at me, calling me clueless, because some journalist saw my stories, which I made this morning, joking,” she began.

“We are isolating ourselves, we are respecting everything properly. Then earlier I made stories with my friend, silly stories, as a joke, a joke that even if it were true, I don’t think it would be a reason for all this that is happening. If you offended anyone, I apologize with all my heart. But I said the following: I could have a manicurist also with Covid and without symptoms to come here to do our nails, because then it would be the perfect combo: the manicurist who is bored wanting to earn her money”, he justified.

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