Zayla shocks Justina with a gift

In the next chapters of In the Emperor’s Time, Zayla (Heslaine Vieira) realizes that he will have to give up gebo (Maicon Rodrigues) once and for all when witnessing the wedding between him and Justina (Cinnara Leal).

the daughter of Candida (Danni Ornellas) gives up and presents the housekeeper with the cameo of abena (Mary Sheilla), who was killed by Borges (Danilo Dal Farra) in the first phase of the plot.


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Before the wedding, the friend of jamil (Blaise Musipere) falls into temptation and goes to bed with the seamstress. However, he regrets it and runs through the streets of Little Africa. Dissatisfied, Zayla confronts him upon meeting him around the court.

I thought I was with a man, but no: when I come back to the room, he’s run away from my bed like a frightened child. But I know what it was that made you run. Was discovering that you love me“, says the ex-fiancée of Samuel (Michel Gomes).

Guebo admits he loves her, but doesn’t go back on his decision to marry the housekeeper. “Love, I can’t deny it. I happen to love Justina too. It’s different from what I feel for you, but it’s also love. With her, I only knew joy. While my passion for you only brought me suffering. She is the one I want by my side.”, he says.

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