145.2 million Brazilians completed vaccination

Brazil today reached the mark of 145.2 million people with full vaccination against covid-19. So far, 145,276,962 Brazilians have been immunized with the second or single dose against the disease, corresponding to 68.1% of the country’s population. The information is from the consortium of press vehicles from which the UOL part, based on information provided by state health departments.

Since December 10, some states face problems updating their vaccination data due to the hacker invasion of the Ministry of Health website, the application and the ConectSUS page (a platform that shows proof of vaccination against covid-19). The instability in the federal government system makes it difficult to accurately analyze the panorama of immunization against covid-19 in the country.

Between yesterday and today, 125,298 people completed the vaccine cycle against the disease – of these, 123,722 received the second dose and another 1,576, the only one. 32,249 first and 554,274 booster doses were also applied in this time interval, totaling 711,821 doses administered in the last 24 hours throughout Brazil.

In all, 161,868,628 inhabitants have already been vaccinated with the first dose, equivalent to 75.88% of the national population. The total number of boosters applied so far has reached 32,353,381.

Among the federation units, the state of São Paulo has the highest proportion of inhabitants with complete vaccination: 79.24% of the local population. Piauí (75.47%), Minas Gerais (73.05%), Mato Grosso do Sul (72.78%) and Ceará (71.34%) complete the top five.

In percentage terms, Piauí remains in the lead regarding the application of the first dose: 83.29% of its inhabitants. Then come São Paulo (82.32%), Santa Catarina (78.76%), Paraná (77.85%) and Minas Gerais (77.78%).

I’m doing this for my village, says 1st child vaccinated against covid

The boy Davi Seremramiwe, 8, the first child to be vaccinated against covid-19 in Brazil, told CNN Brasil that he would like to receive the immunization to protect himself and do this for his village.

Davi is an indigenous of the Xavante ethnicity and has lived in the interior of São Paulo since the beginning of last year — accompanied by a tutor —- to undergo medical treatment against a rare motor disease. The tutor accompanies him in routine consultations, with doctors in the areas of rehabilitation and neurology.

“I already imagined it, but I was a little nervous. [Por que?] Of emotion and joy. [Você queria tomar a vacina?] I wanted to have more protection and I’m doing it for my village”, declared the first child to be vaccinated in Brazil.

Vehicles unite for information

In response to the decision of the Jair Bolsonaro government to restrict access to data on the covid-19 pandemic, media outlets UOL, O Estado de S. Paulo, Folha de S.Paulo, O Globo, g1 and Extra formed a consortium to work collaboratively to seek the necessary information directly from the state health departments of the 27 units of the Federation.

The federal government, through the Ministry of Health, should be the natural source of these numbers, but attitudes of authorities and the president himself during the pandemic cast doubt on the availability of data and its accuracy.

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