8 out of 10 hospitalized at Emílio Ribas are not vaccinated

On average, 8 out of 10 patients hospitalized in ward and ICU beds for covid-19 at the Instituto de Infectologia Emílio Ribas, a reference in the treatment of covid in São Paulo, did not take a vaccine against the disease or did not complete the immunization.

According to São Paulo State Health Secretary Jean Gorinchteyn, 76% of the 50 hospitalized patients with confirmed or suspected coronavirus infection in the unit are not fully immunized or have not even taken the first dose of the vaccine.

Currently, there are 145 ward and ICU beds available at the unit, according to the Health Department.

The data reflects a scenario that we already knew: the importance of vaccination with two doses and, of course, with the booster dose if it is time”
Jean Gorinchteyn, Secretary of Health for the State of São Paulo

The advance of infections by covid-19, mainly with the arrival of the ômicron variant (more transmissible than the previous strains), has put pressure on the emergency rooms of Brazilian hospitals for care.

More severe cases of the disease reflect in the discharge of hospitalizations in wards and ICU. As there is a jump in infections, the fact that most cases are, in theory, less aggressive does not prevent a significant portion of people from developing severe symptoms – especially those who have not taken the vaccines made available by the government.

Despite this, studies and authorities point out that there are fewer complications caused by the new variant.

At least 85.54% of the population of São Paulo received at least one dose of vaccine and 79.85% completed the vaccination schedule.

On the rise, the occupancy of infirmary beds in hospitals in São Paulo is at 45.1% and, in the ICU, 41.2%, according to data from the government of São Paulo.

In the last week, according to the Health Department, there was a 30% increase in hospitalizations, more intensely in the infirmary beds. Currently, there are 6,135 patients hospitalized in the state, with 4,161 people in the ward.

“Preventively, the Health Department slowed down in January any redirection of exclusive beds for coronavirus care and, if necessary, will expand exclusive assistance. In recent days, the state ministry has relocated teams within the units, authorized extra shifts and reinforced outsourced teams to guarantee assistance”, says the folder.

In São Paulo, the city government announced a “Hospital Contingency Plan”. At least 1,110 beds will be reserved for the treatment of covid-19. Another 33 health units had their opening hours extended, until 10 pm, and six units started to work 24 hours a day.

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