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As announced by Globo on Big Brother Brasil 22, Luciano Estevan is part of the children’s channel Gato Galactico, which has almost 15 million subscribers on YouTube. According to information released this Friday (14), the actor has a crush on Pabllo Vittar and has already had an open marriage.

Update ->See the list of participants confirmed by Globo

The Santa Catarina native from Florianópolis is 28 years old and lives in a kitchenette next to his mother’s house. Estevan was married for eight years to a woman and maintained an open relationship with her. Now, he is dating another woman he met while he was married.

“I’m a sweetheart, but don’t step on my toes”, warned the member of Pipoca in an interview with Gshow. In addition to the platonic passion for Pabllo, Estevan admires Larissa Manoela and Lázaro Ramos. The actor also confessed that he would like to meet Taís Araujo’s husband.

Cancerian, the actor has a Leo ascendant and Scorpio influence. He always asks people’s birth charts as soon as he meets them and has worked as a bartender.

At the time of the announcement, Luciano had 20,100 followers on Instagram. Check out some publications of the new brother:

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