After attacking lawyers, Sergio Moro flees public debate

Without taking off in the polls, the pre-candidate for the presidency of the Republic Sergio Moro (Podemos) turned his verbal machine gun against Grupo Prerogativas, in an interview with the magazine Look published this Friday (1/14).

Former minister and now Bolsonaro’s disaffected party went on the attack against lawyers
Antonio Cruz / Brazil Agency

“There is a group of lawyers, like Prerogativas, who work for the impunity of the corrupt. These same lawyers claim some kind of ethics, some kind of moral superiority in relation to the Public Ministry and in relation to the judges who participated in these cases. deep down the shame is on them”, said the former judge of the late “car wash”.

Moro was declared a suspect by the Federal Supreme Court to judge ex-president Lula in the Guarujá (SP) triplex case. As a result, the charges against the former president were dropped. The decision of the STF took place after the scandal of the “vaza jato” that demonstrated the collusion between judge and prosecutors in the conduct of cases in the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba.

After the attacks, the professionals who make up the Prerogatives Group invited Moro to a public debate on the illegalities of the operation. “We are inviting former judge Moro to a public debate on the justice system. We want to know if he has the courage and public spirit to accept it”, said the lawyer. Marco Aurelius de Carvalho, group coordinator.

The invitation, however, was declined and the denial was followed by another attack. “I see that the Impunity Lawyers Club wants to debate. Sorry, but this is a club I don’t want to join. But I debate with your boss, Lula, at any time, about the monthly allowance and petrolão”, he wrote on his Twitter profile.

The jurist and columnist of ConJur Lenio Streck, commented on the statements. “Moro is a bizarre figure. He managed to do the most: be declared partial. It is disgrace for a judge. If he were a priest, he would be a heretic. The difference is that the church expels heretics. The CNJ should have punished Moro. It’s a bad example of a judge,” he said.

the also jurist Pedro Serrano put in check the cognitive ability of the presidential candidate after the declarations. “Moro demonstrates a profound cognitive deficiency in relation to what is law, law and rights. By attacking lawyers, he forgets that it is up to them to defend rights, not crimes, and reveals his profoundly authoritarian and right-wing extremist posture”, he said. .

for the criminalist Conrado Gontijo, PhD in economic criminal law from USP, the attacks by former judge Sergio Moro on the Prerogatives Group prove his “absolute disregard for democracy and the right to defense”. “His performance — biased, suspicious, illegal — in conducting the (…) Lava Jato made this very clear: he was never a judge. He was a tyrant in a toga, who acted solely for the satisfaction of his unscrupulous political interests, in flagrant disrespect for the law and the Constitution. His recent speeches about the Group and about the law only confirm that Sergio Moro is not – and never was – worthy of the slightest credibility and respect”.

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