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After the asphalt gave way and blocked a stretch of the BR-381 this Friday (14), in both directions, at the height of Nova Era, 139 km from Belo Horizonte, drivers who need to circulate in the region should look for alternative routes.

THE Nowadays contacted the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (Dnit) which advised drivers of light and heavy vehicles heading to BH to use a detour: leaving Ipatinga, the driver must pass through the municipalities of Belo Oriente, Guanhães and Itabira.

The incident on the highway happened this morning (14). According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), there was a sinking of the lane and there is no forecast for the release of the interdicted section.

Until the closing of this article, the Dnit did not inform if there is a forecast for the start of the asphalt recovery works.

Even with the drought, there are still points of interdiction on the roads of Minas due to the impacts caused by the rains of the last few weeks. Drivers can check the interdiction points on this link.

See video of the sinking of the BR-381 section:

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