After losing titles, Prince Andrew must leave 31-room mansion

On Thursday (1/13), Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Andrew had lost royal sponsorships and military titles. The denominations were returned to Queen Elizabeth II. Apparently, not only the status will be taken from the Duke of York. According to the Express portal, the sovereign’s son will have to move out of the Royal Lodge, the house where he lives, on his mother’s property in Windsor, in addition to having to pay for his own security.

Media speculates that the Duke will vacate the 31-bedroom mansion in order to cut expenses. In 2003, he signed a 75-year lease on the villa for a one-time fee of £1 million to Crown State, the company that looks after the monarch’s estates. The value reaches R$ 7.6 million, at current prices. Andrew will have to shell out £250 a week, the same as £1,900.


In the mold of a castle, the house consists of 31 rooms. According to Express calculations, the house is worth around 30 million pounds, the equivalent of R$227 million. Named Royal Lodge, the mansion is just 5 km away from Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth spent her Christmas celebrations. Before Andrew settled on the estate, the site was occupied by the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

Four people and a dog in front of a garden.  The group takes pictures
So Princess Elizabeth with her mother, father and sister in the garden of the Royal Lodge

While living in the mansion, the prince spent £7.5 million on renovations. In one of the changes, he requested that the house have an indoor pool. Andrew’s daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, came to live on the estate throughout their teens. As announced by the British portal, the Duke of York does not live alone in the spacious royal residence.

The Express portal supports the thesis that Prince Andrew shares the mansion with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. With so much space, the former couple occupy separate wings of the 31-room property. They broke up in 1996 and last year got back together. In September, sources close to Vanity Fair told Vanity Fair that the two were considering remarrying. He is accused of sexual abuse.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew
The allegation against Prince Andrew is one of the biggest scandals of British royalty


In an interview with the Daily Mail, a former head of Crown Protection explained that “eventually” Prince Andrew will have to pay for his own security, after losing his royal titles. As a member of royalty, he received 24-hour protection from Scotland Yard. The privilege cost around £2m annually, the same as £15m. If he continues to have particular protection, it will be based on the threat level he faces.

understand the scandal

Considered the queen’s favorite son, Andrew walked away from public life in 2019 after being accused of sexually abusing Virginia Giuffre, one of the victims of pedophile and exploiter Jeffrey Epstein. She was 17 at the time and was forced to have sex with the Duke of York three times, according to the complaint. In recent months, the case has taken on major proportions and the prince is facing a lawsuit in US justice.

Faced with pressure from senior officers, the queen took the step of withdrawing her son’s affiliations. According to a statement, the Duke of York will no longer use the name His Royal Highness in an official capacity and will defend the case of sexual abuse as a “private citizen”. According to press reports, Andrew’s brother and nephew, Princes Charles and William respectively, are involved in Elizabeth’s decision to remove the royal titles.

Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell
One of Virginia Giuffre’s evidence in the sexual harassment case is the photograph in which Prince Andrew hugs her. Ghislaine appears in the background

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