Agricultural revenue grows 10% and reaches R$ 1.129 trillion in 2021 | agribusiness

The Gross Value of Agricultural Production (revenue, VBP) reached BRL 1.129 trillion in 2021, up 10.1% against 2020 (BRL 1.025 trillion), according to a survey by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Crops totaled BRL 768.4 billion, equivalent to 68% of the GVP and growth of 12.7% compared to 2020; and livestock, R$ 360.8 billion (32% of revenues) and an increase of 4.9%.

“The good performance of agro occurred even in the face of lack of rain, drought and frost in producing regions”, said the Ministry.

You products with better results in the VBP were: soybean, R$ 366 billion; corn, R$ 125.2 billion; cotton, R$ 27.6 billion; rice, R$ 20.2 billion; cocoa, R$ 4.2 billion; coffee, R$ 42.6 billion; wheat, R$ 12.5 billion; beef, R$ 150.9 billion; chicken meat, R$ 108.9 billion; and milk, R$ 51.8 billion. Together they accounted for 76% of last year’s GVP.

Value of Agricultural Production in 2021 reaches R$ 1.129 trillion — Photo: Reproduction/Mapa

“Three factors can be cited as drivers of this growth – favorable prices, quantities produced and the international market, which in general has been favorable for many of these products. The international market and prices were the most relevant of these factors”, highlights the technical note.

For this year, the prospects for agricultural production remain positive, with an estimated value of R$ 1.162 trillion, 2.9% higher than that obtained in 2021.

“The chances remain good for cotton, coffee, corn, soybeans, wheat and livestock products, especially beef and chicken. We also shouldn’t have problems with internal and external supply, as, as mentioned, the forecasts are for a high grain harvest and a satisfactory supply of meat”, evaluate the technicians.

The VBP shows the evolution of the performance of crops and livestock throughout the year, corresponding to revenue within the establishment.

It is calculated based on agricultural and livestock production and the prices received by producers in the country’s 26 largest national agricultural products.

The real value of production is obtained, discounted for inflation, by the General Price Index – Internal Availability (IGP-DI), of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). The frequency is monthly with updates and disclosure until the 15th of each month.

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