André Gonçalves’ ex-wife detonates, reveals rudeness and scare with the actor

ex-wife of André Gonçalves, Tereza Seiblitz vented about the actor’s relationship with his daughter, Manuela Seiblitz. In a letter this Friday (14), the actress reported moments of sadness and said he was rude.

In the letter sent to Patrícia Kogut’s column, from the newspaper O Globo, Tereza commented on the latest events. She said she got a fright when she came across statements from her ex-husband in a video on the web.

Teresa’s rant

I was very sad when, still with my mother from the hospital, I saw statements made by Manuela’s father in an 11-minute video posted on YouTube. I understood nothing. Why that article there, without contextualization? It was a shock because I respect André as a colleague by profession, talented, who was always very kind and affectionate”, said.

“He was the one who wanted to open the pension process when Manu was about 9 years old. Until then I didn’t even have a lawyer. At this moment, he was very rude to me and didn’t want dialogue. Then there were years and years, with several different situations and with the Justice itself charging him for the arrears”, she added.

Actress regrets situation with André Gonçalves

“When my daughter turned 18, the law puts her at the head of the process. That’s why I think it’s very strange that her father says in that video that she’s been trying to arrest him for five years. The process started there in 2009. In 2019, she accepted the deal he proposed. Only he didn’t. All Manuela wanted was not to be in that situation, said Teresa.

In an excerpt of the text, the actress regrets the exposure of the family. I don’t know who is interested in this exposure of personal life. I continue to trust the legal procedures regarding this matter as well as the offenses made publicly, not only by him, but by some ‘information’ vehicles”, he said.

It’s a shame that things turned out this way at such a delicate time for my family. The only good thing is that this issue of alimony is debated with the seriousness it deserves. It’s amazing the number of messages I get from women who can’t even afford to share, at least financially, the costs of raising a child.”, she lamented.

Daughter of Tereza Seiblitz with André Gonçalves, Manuela detonated her father on social media this week. In addition to the young woman, the actor has another daughter, Valentina, from a relationship with Cynthia Benini.

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