approved privatization and publication notice is out next week

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The National Waterway Transport Agency (Antaq) approved this Friday, 14th, the public notice for privatization of Companhia Docas do Espírito Santo (Codesa), releasing the publication of the document, which should be done next week by the National Economic Development Bank. and Social (BNDES) and by the Ministry of Infrastructure. Codesa is currently responsible for managing the ports of Vitória and Barra do Riacho.

The government’s forecast is to hold the auction this semester, opening the list of port privatizations, which includes the Port of Santos. According to Antaq, the estimate is that R$ 1.3 billion will be invested during the 35-year contract.

The Port of Vitória has a consolidated cargo portfolio and a favorable position for road and rail accesses, the agency said. Porto Barra do Riacho is specialized in the shipment of pulp.

Whoever buys the assets, in addition to the grant, will need to pay an annual inspection fee to Antaq of R$ 3.188 million. “I am certain that this model will bring new dynamism to Brazilian organized ports, guaranteeing greater quality and efficiency in these facilities,” said Antaq’s director general, Eduardo Nery.

Also according to the agency, it is expected that, by the end of the concession contract for the Port of Vitória, a growth of 85% will be registered for solid mineral bulk cargoes, reaching 4.5 million tons per year; in the case of containers, growth of more than 115%, reaching 500 thousand TEU per year; and a 115% increase in liquid bulk, totaling 1.8 million tons per year.

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