Authorities order Hillsong to stop worship at youth services

Australian health officials, New South Wales Health, have issued an order to Hillsong Church to stop singing and dancing during services at their youth camps, following a video of the same.

The recording sparked an uproar among many musicians at a time when live music events and festivals are not allowed. The protest group of music bands calling themselves Thrillsong called for if the rules are made, they apply to everyone equally.

“The confusion for people who make a living within our industry is: what’s the difference between singing and dancing at cricket, or at Hillsong, or at a wedding, which are all allowed as of today?” the president said. from the Australian Live Music Business Council,Stephen Wade.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the event was clearly a violation of the spirit and intent of public health orders. NSW Police spoke with Hillsong, but no fines were issued because the event was deemed low risk.

According to Christian Today, Hillsong issued a statement Friday in which it said it had immediately and voluntarily enacted the instruction to stop singing and dancing at the camp, which will close on Sunday.

“It is important to clarify that the current youth camps we are holding are not music festivals. These are events for high school ages that include sports activities and games. These are non-alcoholic events, held outdoors, and the number of students who attend each camp is just over 200,” he said.

According to them, strict Covid-19 safety procedures are implemented before and during each camp, which include professional paramedics on site 24 hours a day with testing capabilities.

“However, we regret giving any perception that we were not doing our part to keep NSW safe and sincerely apologize to the community at large. Our heart is for people, and loving and caring for all people is at the heart of our church.”

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