Azul employees refuse proposal and crisis of canceled flights continues

  • Company offered a food voucher of R$ 463.21 in exchange for reducing the number of days off in the category;

  • About 74% of employees declined the proposal;

  • Flights continue to be canceled by Brazilian airlines in the face of the health crisis.

Azul presented a proposal on Monday (10), to the National Union of Aeronauts (SNA) during a virtual meeting.

In order to minimize the effects of the reduction in staff caused by infections with COVID-19, the company offered to reduce the number of days off in February and March in exchange for a monthly food stamp of R$ 463.21.

In addition, the company also tried to make the work schedules publicized in fortnights, and not monthly, as is the norm.

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The attempt at a Collective Bargaining Agreement (ACT), however, was denied this Wednesday (12), by the company’s pilots and flight attendants. About 2 thousand aeronauts were present at the vote, where 74% responded negatively to the proposal.

For Ondino Dutra, president of the SNA, the result represents the historical dissatisfaction that these workers have with their work schedule.

“Professionals do not feel recognized for their efforts in recent times, especially after having accepted salary reductions and several operational flexibility”, he told Valor.

The Union also stated that it has been receiving complaints about flights departing with a reduced number of flight attendants, which goes against the regiment of the category.

He also stated that he had already contacted the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) to report these cases. On January 6 alone, 16 flights were carried out with a reduced team.

Asked by the commanders when taking off about the legality of the flight, Azul informed that the circumstance is an exception to the rule, and therefore, authorized by Anac and the Directorate of Operations.

It was also on January 6th that Azul started canceling flights due to lack of staff. On the day, 45 flights were canceled, or 5% of its network.

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