B3 wins over 700,000 investors in December

The Stock Exchange reached the number of 4.209 million active investors in the month of December. During the penultimate month of last year, there was the arrival of 759,935 new CPFs investing in shares, an increase equivalent to 22% on a monthly basis.

This number represents a 55% increase on the Stock Exchange compared to the same period in 2020, when there were 2.715 million CPFs.

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Part of this increase in the stock exchange is due to new investors in Nubank’s BDRs (NUBR33), since of the 815 thousand investors participated in the bank’s IPO (IPO) and only a small part of these were already investors on the stock exchange.

To have a clearer idea, between September and November, the average number of new investors on the Stock Exchange was 56,500.

Other stock exchange results in December

See now other Stock Exchange numbers, achieved in December 2021:

  • The rotation speed reached 155.1% in December last year, which shows a drop of 17.1 percentage points compared to the same month in 2020;
  • The average daily financial volume traded on B3 in the equities segment, which includes the spot market and equity derivatives, dropped 15.7% in December compared to the same month in 2020;
  • The volumes of spot shares remained stable, close to R$ 30 billion;
  • Finally, there was a slowdown in the daily trading volume (ADTV) of retail investors (R$4.5 billion in December versus an average of R$6.5 billion between January and December 2021).

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