BBB 22: ‘Pipoca’ Barbara was already an influencer followed by Andressa Suita

The “BBB 22” already has the list of participants being released throughout the day and the newest name is Barbara Heck, 29 years old, Gaúcha from Novo Hamburgo and journalist. Bárbara says that she is judged as a “patricinha” because she is blonde and looks like a model, since she also works in the area.

The girl already had more than 200,000 followers on Instagram before the show, including Andressa Suita, wife of Gusttavo Lima and a veteran model. Public relations says that he lives traveling and alternates housing between São Paulo (SP) and his hometown in Rio Grande do Sul.

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Bárbara, Popcorn from ‘BBB 22’ has dietary restrictions

Bárbara dispenses with the label of patricinha. “The stereotype made me want to study so people wouldn’t have anything to say about me”, says she, who started working since she was 16 so she wouldn’t have to ask her parents for financial help. Furthermore, the model was studying Neuroscience at the university level.

According to her, her dietary restrictions can generate conflicts in the house and, despite being easy to live with, she doesn’t want to be “stepped on her toes”, as she won’t be silent if it happens.

Barbara defines herself as a crybaby, explosive and messy. But, at the same time, the journalist is good-natured and promises animation at “BBB 22” parties, despite enjoying an invigorating nap during the ballad.

Bárbara Heck, from ‘BBB 22’ would have stayed with Neymar

Internet users, very quick to research the past of the participants, in addition to amusing comparisons between ex-BBBs and the anonymous of the group Pipoca, soon discovered that Bárbara would have lived an affair with Neymar previously, as well as Jade Picon, as soon as she broke up with João William.

An Instagram page dedicated to celebrities obtained images of the model with the player and asked if he could share them. Barbara denied authorization and thanked him for the question. Now, the prints of that conversation on Instagram have leaked, as well as photos of the young woman next to the athlete.

Jade Picon is also quoted for the reality show and stayed with the player after the troubled end of the relationship with Leonardo’s son, being forced to explain herself on the web, even before Gui Araújo’s statements, during the confinement of “A Fazenda 13 “, that he would have stayed with her at the same time, when she was still engaged.

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