BBB 22: Tiago Abravanel and Naiara Azevedo are presenters of Splash – 01/14/2022

TV Globo announced today (14) the 22 participants of “BBB 22”. Among those selected by Boninho’s team for the cabin group, there are two program presenters here from splash: Tiago Abravanel, who runs “Sai da Caixa”, and Naiara Azevedo, star of “Pé Na Bota”.

‘Sai da Caixa’, with Tiago Abravanel

With two seasons, “Sai da Caixa” is a musical program from UOL channel. Weekly, Abravanel receives a different artist to “get out of the box” and sing songs from outside his usual repertoire.

Currently in the second season, Tiago Abravanel has already received guests such as Zezé di Camargo, Samuel Rosa and Dilsinho.

‘Pé na Bota’, with Naiara Azevedo

O “Pé na Bota” shows Naiara Azevedo inviting celebrities such as Pocah, Nicole Bahls and Kaysar Dadour for a chat with good food, in addition to living a little bit of life – and the perrengues – on her farm “50 Reais”, in Goiás.

And there was ‘crossover’, yes sir!

Naiara Azevedo was one of Tiago Abravanel’s guests in the first season of “Sai da Caixa” — they had already participated in “Show dos Famosos” in 2018, and the Splash program promoted the reunion.

In addition to singing together songs by artists such as Roupa Nova and Damares, Naiara said that she was a “pest” in her childhood, even setting fire to her grandfather’s pasture, who had already been with a man who was engaged (unknowingly) and received a call from the bride. on her wedding day, and also that she likes to read gossip in the bathroom during “number two”.

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