BBB22: “I will not comment”, says Luana Piovani about Pedro Scooby’s participation

After the surfer’s confirmation Pedro Scooby as one of the participants of the Big Brother Brazil 22, netizens on social networks started to follow the actress Luana Piovani with the expectation of following her comments about her ex-husband on the TV Globo show.

However, the actress has already said that she will not comment on the BBB. According to Luana, she is not used to watching the reality show. “You’re all frying for me to comment. I’m going to comment what you want: I’m not going to comment on the BBB, because I don’t watch it. I’ve never watched it in my life, it’s not now that I’m going to see it”, said the actress.

“I will end up knowing some things through social networks, but social networks I like to use to do something else, not to comment on Big Brother. So I don’t think you’ll find the entertainment you’re looking for here, but I’m loving that you’re coming to follow me,” said Luana.

Father of three, Pedro Scooby is the actress’ ex Luana Piovani and has been in contact with anita.

Adept of ‘free surfing’, he is considered one of the biggest of its modality in Brazil. “My big dream as a kid was to be a surfer. The other dream was to be a father. Both were successfully performed. I think today my biggest dream is to maintain this life”, he told Gshow.

About the program, he already says that he will enjoy everything the experience can offer. “A guy who likes to live. I don’t keep thinking about what’s going to happen, what’s to come… I’m just living life”.

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