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Maria's sister cries when she learns that actress is on 'BBB22'
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Maria’s sister cries when she learns that actress is on ‘BBB22’

Family squabbles began before “BBB22” debuted. This Friday (14), influencer Gabriela Andrade was shocked to see the announcement of sister Maria as a participant in the reality box.

In a sequence of stories, Gabriela Andrade cried for not being informed and ended up letting out a fight between the two.

“I have the cleanest face in the world because I didn’t know. I swear on my children’s lives that I didn’t know my sister was in Big Brother. We haven’t even spoken in a few months. We fought, quarreled, argued and they stopped talking. It’s a sister thing”, said Gabriela Andrade.

After the scare and exposure, Gabriela made a post for Maria and declared the crowd, even though the actress no longer spoke to her.

At that exact moment I put my face in the stories freaking out trying to understand how you ended up on the bbb. I did not know that. I do not know anything. We fought a few months ago, we fought since childhood with the same intensity as our sisterly love. Last year, at the same time, you put your face on the internet to defend me, and I’m here to say that I love you and how much I’m going to root for you. I love you even though you’re an impossible Cancer to deal with. It shines a lot,” he wrote.

Gabriela also took the opportunity to fight the attacks she is receiving on social networks. She is being accused of seeking media in the news of Maria. “The comments about me are being extremely horrible on the gossip pages, and I honestly don’t care. The internet doesn’t know us. The internet doesn’t know Vitória Nascimento, Gabriela Nascimento. Anyway, I love you. cursing, my sincere ones go to the f*ck”, he added.

Maria was one of the surprises on the “BBB22” cabin list. Born and raised in Cidade Alta, North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, actress and singer Maria is 21 years old. A lot of people don’t know, but her name is Vitória. His voice became known by the public through the Poesia Acústica project, which brings together names from rap, funk and other musical styles in compositions of rhymes with a particular melody.

In a solo career, he has singles that have millions of views on social media. Her compositions talk about female empowerment, overcoming and relationships. She appeared in the last edition of Rock in Rio, in 2019. And as an actress, she gained prominence when playing Verena in the soap opera ‘Amor de Mãe’, in 2019. Since she was a child, she dreamed of pursuing an artistic career. At the age of 7, she started in the theater and recognition as a singer came at 17. She interrupted her studies early, but intends to resume them.

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