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Photo: TV Globo / Publicity
TV Globo / Publicity

Tadeu Schmidt assumes the presentation of BBB22

After a lot of mystery and speculation, TV Globo announces the names of the participants of the new edition of Big Brother Brasil. Many made a ‘pool’, others ‘leaked’ a list of possible candidates on the internet, but the truth is that the station held off until this Friday, 14th, to announce the official list.

The names began to appear after the first break of the afternoon soap opera O Cravo e a Rosa.

BBB 22 debuts this Monday, 17th, now under the command of former Fantástico presenter, Tadeu Schmidt. This week was one of strong emotions for the reality team. That’s because three participants tested positive for covid-19 and are in isolation until they recover. Boninho, director of the program, guarantees that the event will not affect the schedule.

The first name announced this Friday during the break of the soap opera was that of doctor Laís Rodrigues Caldas, 30, from the interior of Goiás. She is part of the Pipoca group, of anonymous participants in the reality show. “I’m going focused on the game. I like the spotlight and I like to show up. And I’ll get there!”, he promised.

The second participant, also from the Pipoca team, appeared during the afternoon session. Born in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Luciano is 28 years old and said he likes to dance, especially ballet, and is an actor. “I want to be rich and famous to the point of not being able to walk in a mall”, he jokes.

Biology teacher Jessilane, from the Pipoca group, is from Bahia, but lives in Valparaíso de Goiás. When announced during the afternoon session, the young woman only fears leaving the reality show with a nickname: “I want everything, except to leave of the program as a plant”.

The designer by training Eliezer, 31, is from Volta Redonda, in Rio de Janeiro, and is another member of the Pipoca group. “To stick with me you have to be crazy”, he warns.

Still on the Pipoca team, the 25-year-old Slovenian from Paraíba says that her father was inspired by the Yugoslavia division when choosing his name. Marketing student, currently works with a digital influencer and talks about fashion. “I’m even ashamed to say how competitive I am. I fought for everything alone in life”, she pointed out.

The engineer Lucas, 31 years old, studies Medicine and says he intends to continue in the area of ​​nutrology. He’s another member of Popcorn. “I want to age with quality of life” he says.

Public Relations Barbarian is 29 years old and will be on BBB 22. She is from Novo Hamburgo and was the last announced from the Pipoca team. “The stereotype made me want to study so that people wouldn’t have anything to say about me”, he declares.

The first announced by the Camarote group was the singer and actor Arthur Aguiar, 32 years old, current husband of digital influencer and coach Mayra Cardi. “The BBB is a great opportunity for a fresh start that God is giving me”, he said.

Rodrigo is 36 years old and is from São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo. Graduated in Business Administration, he works as a commercial manager. “I’m not a passive person. People out here love me or hate me. I’ve never been beaten in this life”, he observes.

the miner Natalia is 22 years old and lives in Belo Horizonte. Model and nail designer, she started working at the age of 9 and has never stopped. “I’m 22 years old and I’ve experienced many things that a 30-year-old woman hasn’t experienced. Nothing in my life has been easy, it’s always been difficult, but in the end it worked,” she says.

vinicius is 23 years old and was born in Crato, Ceará. She lives with her father, maternal grandmother and aunt in a family boarding house. “To discuss with me, it’s good to come with water and a stool, because I don’t bend over”, he comments.

the surfer Pedro Scooby, ex-husband of actress Luana Piovani, is on Big Brother Brasil 22. “I’m a guy who likes to live”, he says. Accustomed to freedom, the limits of confinement can bother you. But the parties will be moments of great fun for him, who says he’s a night out and says he likes to enjoy it.

The dancer Brunna Gonçalves, wife of singer Ludmilla, is one of the participants of BBB 22. “I don’t sleep, I’m the one who sees people sleeping”, she tells about her experience as a spectator. Brunna has already been to the BBB’s house for work, during Ludmilla’s show for the brothers.

Still in the ‘Camarote’ is the Olympic athlete Paulo Andre, 23 years old, son of former sprinter Carlos José Camilo de Oliveira. “I think I’ll be able to play the game, but playing with people will be my main challenge”, he evaluates.

Born and raised in Cidade Alta, North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, the actress and singer Maria is 21 years old and is part of the Camarote group of BBB 22. I only gain in debauchery, in patience”, he joked.

The digital influencer and entrepreneur Jade Picon is 20 years old and was born in São Paulo. On social media, she has more than 20 million followers. “I like a challenge, I’m a disciplined person and I feel ready for the BBB game”, he guarantees.

The actor Douglas Silva is 33 years old and was born in Rio de Janeiro. He became known for the character Dadinho, in his childhood phase, in the film City of God – a feature that received four Oscar nominations in 2004. “I value peace, I hate to argue, but after I enter [em uma briga], it is difficult to leave”, he says.

Actress and singer, Linn da Quebrada is 31 years old, was born in the capital of São Paulo, but grew up in the interior of the state. She started her artistic career as a performer, and, in her adolescence, was also a hairdresser’s assistant. “I sing with the intention of hearing what I didn’t hear before. And I am an exception. The vast majority of transvestites do not have the possibility to work, to act, to have dignity in society”, he evaluates.

Actor, singer, presenter and entrepreneur, Tiago Abravanel was born in São Paulo and is 34 years old. From a family of artists and the grandson of Silvio Santos, he began his career in theater at the age of 17. “Living the experience is the realization of what I’ve always watched”, he observes.

The singer Naiara Azevedo, from the hit ’50 reais’, was the last announced participant of the BBB22’s Camarote.

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