BBB22: Tat Werneck cheers for the elimination of Arthur Aguiar: ‘You can leave’

Tat Werneck and Arthur Aguiar (photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Last Friday (14/01), fans of Big Brother Brasil 22 were elated with the announcements made by the participants during the commercial breaks of TV Globo’s programming. The mystery of the confined has been revealed, and the public is already preparing its fans.

Presenter and comedian Tat Werneck has already taken a stand against actor Arthur Aguiar, who is in the Camarote team at BBB 22. She has already made it clear that she will not support the artist during the program.

On his Twitter profile, Tat Werneck said: “Arthur Aguiar can enter. Arthur Aguiar can leave”.

The Lady Night presenter still made a point of not hiding who her fans go to. “For now I’m with Tiago Abravanel, Linn, Douglas, Vinicius and Jessi (half in love). And you?”, said Tata.

He, who was the first famous confirmed in the most watched reality in Brazil, married Mayra Cardi and said he entered to win the competition.

In his introductory video, the famous said that his track record as an athlete will help him in endurance events.

Since 2020, Arthur Aguiar has been in the news for the various betrayals in his marriage to Mayra Cardi, all committed by him, assumed by himself. According to his own wife, Aguiar cheated on her at least 50 times. The actor had leaked private messages in which he interacted with a woman who would be a call girl.

Arthur admitted the betrayals and cried when apologizing. The marriage with Mayra Cardi ended, but they decided to get back together. The businesswoman said that he had transformed and was no longer the same abusive man. In Mayra’s opinion, Arthur is “a victim of society”.

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