BBB22: Vinicius from Ceará asked Felipe Neto for help on social networks after suffering a coup in 2017 | Ceará

Youtuber Felipe Neto published, this Friday (14), images showing messages from Vinicius, from Ceará, who will participate in BBB22, sent in 2017. The contact was made after the Ceará law school class suffered a blow from a graduation party company. However, the youtuber only saw the messages almost five years later.

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“I really wanted to know if his class managed to graduate and if they managed to catch the scammers who stole their money”, published Felipe Neto when showing the messages sent by Vinicius, who has a degree in law, but works as a digital influencer.

Felipe Neto showed messages sent by Vinicius in 2017. — Photo: Social networks/Reproduction

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In one of the messages, Vinicius introduces himself and explains that he is part of the 2016.2 class at the Regional University of Cariri (URCA), which is based in Crato, the municipality where the influencer lives.

The case was reported by g1 at the time, when the students filed a police report against the company. The establishment declared, on social media, that it had interrupted the service due to the economic crisis experienced in 2017.

“With a lot of effort and sacrifice, we paid monthly, for five years, a financial quota to a company so that it could carry out our nostalgia class, our ecumenical act and our long-awaited graduation ball. During these 5 years, we gave the company an amount of R$ 170,000.00. Not to mention the extra expenses with passwords, clothes, souvenirs”, Viniciu told Felipe Neto.

“The company robbed us and the owners fled with our money, and worse, with our dream of graduating,” added the Ceará native in another message sent.

Vinicius produces very regional and humorous content on social networks. — Photo: Instagram/Play

According to Vinicius, the company would have applied the coup to other clients, such as couples who were organizing a wedding, and the entire loss would be more than R$ 1 million.

Ceará simulated its own entry into BBB 21

Vinicius, from Ceará, recorded a video simulating what the interview itself would be like if he had entered the 2021 BBB. A year later, the digital influencer was confirmed in the Pipoca team of the new edition of the reality. See the full video below.

Vinicius holds a bachelor’s degree in law, but works as a digital influencer creating content full of Ceará’s characteristic humor. He even considers himself a “low-income influencer” when showing the simple everyday life in Crato, municipality of Cariri, where he lives.

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During the “fake” interview of the video, Vinicius answers common questions that would be asked to the participants of the reality show. “My love, to be honest, my goal is just to make money. Because people come here with stories that ‘want to challenge themselves, want I don’t know what’, I didn’t come here to challenge myself because a big challenge is already my life normally”, jokes the influencer.

Influencer from Ceará played with the dissemination of the hit “Girl From Rio” by singer Anitta. — Photo: Social networks/Reproduction

In the publication, the new followers are even congratulating the Ceará native for having managed to enter this year’s edition.

About winning the R$ 1.5 million prize, the influencer joked. “Spill is right. I won’t even have time to take the opportunity to thank you. I’m going to sleep, because here nobody sleeps at night; it’s the fan breaking, it’s the burning heat, it’s the gnats sucking you, the bills worrying you. When I wake up, I’ll grab the first topic I have and leave.”

At the end of the video, he jokes as if his name wasn’t on the 2021 list and says “I didn’t want to enter that year, I prefer 2022”.

Meet Vinicius from BBB22 from Ceará

Vinicius, from ‘BBB22’ — Photo: Disclosure

He is from Crato, in the Cariri region, and considers himself a “low-income influencer”. Vinicius also revealed that he loves to party in the video promoting his participation in the reality.

“People tell me I’m very happy. Where I get I’m already attracting everyone’s attention. So you think there’s a party every week I’m not going to get sick? I just leave there loaded in the garbage truck.”

Ceará has already had six other participants in previous editions of the reality:

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  • Roberta at BBB6
  • Rafael at BBB8
  • Lucas at BBB18
  • Patricia at BBB18
  • Kerline at BBB21

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