Bolsonaro says he would like to get rid of Petrobras

President Jair Bolsonaro said last Wednesday (12), that he has no control over Petrobras’ pricing policy. He even said that he would like to privatize the state oil company. This occurred after Petrobras announced a new increase in fuel prices.

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Bolsonaro says he would like to get rid of Petrobras

According to Bolsonaro, in an interview with Gazeta Brasil, “Does anyone think I’m the bad guy, that the price of gasoline and diesel was increased yesterday because I’m the bad guy? First, I have no control over it. If I could, I would be free from Petrobras”.

In short, this is not the first time that the president has suggested that the federal government give up Petrobras. On Tuesday (11), the state-owned company said it would increase diesel prices at refineries by 8%, as of Wednesday (12). Gasoline would have an average increase of 4.85%.

Thus, diesel goes from R$ 3.34 to R$ 3.61 per liter. And gasoline goes up from R$3.09 to R$3.24 per liter. Current prices are among the highest nominal levels since 2019, according to Petrobras figures compiled by Reuters. Contributing to this rise are oil and exchange rates.

Finally, the president said that the measures being taken by Petrobras consider formulas from the past, such as international fuel price parity. According to him, the price of the input became more expensive worldwide.

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