Bolsonaro’s decree condemns consumers to pay billions of loans from energy distributors

President Jair Bolsonaro published a decree that regulates an injustice, created by provisional measure 1078, of December: on the pretext of offsetting the financial impacts allegedly caused by water scarcity, energy distributors (which issue monthly electricity bills) will take out loans from minimum of R$15 billion to be paid by consumers.

The amortizations of the rogue loans will be prorated by all energy consumers, in their electricity bills.

This trickery was invented in 2020 and obtained from Bolsonaro, who issued a provisional measure of the same content, allowing distributors to borrow R$16.1 billion in loans to “compensate” for alleged “losses” arising from the failure to increase electricity bills, that year, due to the pandemic.

The payment of this debt is what keeps electricity bills high until today, due to the P2 red flag, the most expensive in history, but Aneel directors, always at the service of distributors, spread the rumor that the bill remains high in reason for the “water shortage”. The resumption of rains and the normalization of the reservoirs show that they are lying.

The powerful distributors
of energy created the first
zero risk world business,
in which possible damages
are paid by customers.

The alleged “losses” of the distribution companies make no sense, especially when one remembers the system of tariff flags, created by themselves and backed by Aneel’s servility, which imposes on Brazilians the despicable values ​​of the “red flag P2”, the highest in the world. History.

Energy distributors are one of the most powerful sectors in Brazil today, which have put the “regulatory agency” Aneel at the service of their interests. They are so powerful that they managed to make the President of the Republic sign MP 1078 and the decree that regulates it, condemning consumers to assume their newest billion dollar debt.

The decree published this Friday (14) creates the “Water Scarcity Account”, by the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber (CCEE). It is the first “water shortage” in history in which there was no rationing in the water supply of Brazilians.

The CCEE will receive the necessary resources to cover, “totally or partially, the additional costs resulting from the situation of water scarcity for the concessionaires and permissionaires of public service of electric energy distribution”.

According to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, the MP enabled the structuring of financial operations guaranteed by the Energy Development Account (CDE), in order to mitigate the effects of the increase in electricity generation costs on distributors and energy consumers. electricity.

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