Botafogo VP explains plans for R$50 million and adopts ‘feet on the ground’ with Elkeson and Rafael Carioca

All released. After the Deliberative Council, the members of the Botafogo approved the sale of SAF to John Textor practically unanimously: more than 97% of the votes in the General Assembly held this Friday in General Severiano were of positive opinion.

After the election, Vinícius Assumpção, General VP of Glorioso, celebrated the feat. In an interview with THROW!, the official praised the proportion of positive votes in the last two days for the approval of the sale.

– I think we had very strong approvals, both from the board members and from the membership today, they were very similar. Financially, now we expect the negotiation to continue, we have the forecast of the bridge loan that can give the club some breath at the beginning of the season. All this is still part of a negotiation process that is being played by Jorge Braga and by a super competent team, Botafogo’s lawyers work all the time to preserve the club – he said.

And now? With a current contract signed, John Textor will make a bridge loan of BRL 50 million to Botafogo’s coffers over the next five days. Vinícius explained that the money will be used to ‘clean up the house’ and make some necessary investments.

– What I am allowed to say is that an investment to pay some internal debts, some pressing bills, salaries that need to be adjusted and to make some investments in football. All this will be dealt with internally, led by Botafogo’s management, in the future we should make a disclosure about what we are going to do with this money.

Can the crowd dream of some impactful name? The General VP maintains a neutral stance in relation to Botafogo’s market share. The club dreams of the arrival of Elkeson and Rafael Carioca to reinforce the squad, but the manager guarantees that the call of the moment is feet on the ground.

– You can’t say that to the crowd. We have to do what we did since the beginning of the administration, which is to work slowly, with great caution and without raising expectations. To say that I expect Botafogo’s football to improve with all this investment, but to name names now I think it’s too premature, I would be saying something that we’re not sure about. We believe that football will improve a lot – he said.

– Above all, we have to have our feet on the ground until the contract is fully signed. Durcesio is leading this. Fans are euphoric for a new perspective on strong football, we also have that hope. Let’s wait until the final signing of the contract. We are hopeful that we have taken a turn in Botafogo’s football and this may reflect decades of victories and achievements – he added.

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