Brazil reaches 1 million consumers with its own generation of solar energy

Dane Rhys/Reuters

Dane Rhys/Reuters

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Brazil has surpassed the mark of 1 million consumer units with own energy generation from the solar source, according to a survey carried out by Absolar (Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association).

In all, the installations add up to 8.6 gigawatts (GW) of power, equivalent to about two thirds of the potency of the Itaipu hydroelectric plant.

Much of this own generation of solar energy is concentrated in homes, which account for 76.6% of the amount of consumers who make use of the technology, according to Absolar.

Then come the sectors of commerce and services, 13.4%), rural producers (7.6%), industries (2.1%), public authorities (0.3%) and other types, such as public services (0 .03%) and public lighting (0.01%).

solar energy shows accelerated growth in Brazil in recent years, driven both by the installation of small power plants and by large enterprises aimed at the free energy market.

Earlier this year, the government sanctioned the law that creates a regulatory framework for the distributed generation segment, which should further boost business across the country, according to Absolar.

Until today, the entity calculates that its own generation of solar energy has already been responsible for attracting more than BRL 44.0 billion in investments in the country, in addition to generating more than 260 thousand jobs since 2012.

For 2022, Absolar predicts that solar energy will practically double in installed capacity compared to 2021, driven by the new legal framework and the search for alternatives by the consumer to reduce expenses with the electricity bill.

The expectation is that more than 11.9 GW of power will be added from small to large enterprises in 2022, compared to 13 GW today.

Of the BRL 50.8 billion in investments planned for this year, the distributed generation will correspond to around R$ 40.6 billion, according to the entity’s estimates.

Despite the expansion of the segment, Absolar believes that Brazil is still late in adopting the technology. “Of the more than 89 million electricity consumers in the country, only 1.1% already use the sun to produce clean, renewable and competitive energy”, says the entity, in a note.

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