Britney Spears detonates her sister after learning about a bizarre story included in the book: “New Level of Lowness”

In the can! This Friday (14), Britney Spears denied a story told by her sister Jamie Lynn Spears in the book “Things I Never Said (Things I Never Said)”. The singer accused the actress of lying by saying that Britney would have locked herself with her sister in a room and took a knife to protect herself from her own family.

During an interview with Juju Chang on Wednesday’s “Nightline”, Jamie answered why he included this chapter in his biography. “I was afraid. That was a moment I lived. I was also scared to actually say something, because I didn’t want to upset anyone, but I was also so upset that she [Britney] didn’t feel safe”, he explained.

On Twitter, the pop princess posted a new open letter addressed to her sister, countering the story. “Jamie Lynn… Congratulations, honey! You’ve reached a whole new level of LOWNESS… I’ve never been around you with a knife or I would have even thought of doing that! The only knife I saw next to you at home was cutting the biggest chunks of pumpkin I’ve ever seen in my life… So please stop these crazy lies to the Hollywood books!” shot.

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“NOW, and only NOW, I know that only a scum would make up these things about someone… I’m actually very confused about you making this up, because honestly it’s not something you would do! [Pegar uma faca] in front of children???? Jamie Lynn seriously??? Come on! Congrats on introducing your big sister to the concept of getting SHORT…SHOWER…SHOWER…because you won, honey!”, finished.

This is the second day in a row that Britney Spears goes public to counter her sister… This week, Jamie Lynn Spears was in tears when talking about her relationship with the singer during an interview on “Good Morning America”. The star later revealed that she watched the chat, made a series of accusations about the abuse she suffered from her family over the years, and accused the actress of living at her expense. “Never had to work for anything”, declared.

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