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Dancer and digital influencer Brunna Gonçalves is on “BBB22”. The participants of the next edition of the reality show are being announced throughout this Friday (14).

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Brunna was born in Nilópolis, Rio de Janeiro, and is married to singer Ludmilla. They took over the relationship in June 2019 and got married months later in a surprise, family-only party.

“Good luck, love of my life,” wished Ludmilla when her wife was announced on the show on Friday night. The reality show starts next Monday (17).

Dance and internet career

Ludmilla and dancer Brunna Gonçalves during the launch of the DVD ‘Hello Mundo’, in São Paulo — Photo: Celso Tavares/G1

Brunna started dancing at the age of 15 and came to live in the United States to live off her art. Since 2015, she has been producing content on Instagram and YouTube, mainly related to beauty matters.

She also remains one of the dancers in Ludmilla’s ballet to this day.

In the presentation, the dancer stated that she is “BBBmaniac”: “I don’t sleep, I’m the one who sees people sleeping”.

Being on reality is a dream come true for her and her mother. “I just look like a barbie, but when it comes to competition… I hate to lose,” she says.

When it was announced, the dancer had 3.6 million followers on Instagram and 379,000 on Twitter.

Brunna Gonçalves: before and after high definition liposuction — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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