Bus fare increases after two years

From 00:00 on January 16th, Jundiaí City Hall will update the value of the public transport fare.

The readjustment takes place after almost three years of freezing and is lower than the inflation of the period, which exceeded 17%.

The ticket price ranges from R$4.20 to R$4.50.

Student pays R$ 2.25 and the transport voucher goes from R$ 4.70 to R$ 5.00.

The social tariff at R$ 1.00 on the first and third Sundays of each month continues to be maintained, as well as the gratuity for seniors aged 65 and over and people with disabilities.

The update of the Bilhete Único value of 7.14% is lower than the inflation for the period from April 2019 – when the last adjustment took place – until December 2021 (17.59%).

The rate in Jundiaí, even with the readjustment, is lower than in other cities, such as Piracicaba, where it was 16%, reaching R$ 5.60.

Other municipalities also had an increase of more than R$5.00, such as Campinas (R$5.50), Itu (R$5.15) and Diadema (R$5.10).

The increase is justified by the increase in inputs used by the transport sector – especially oil and its derivatives – and inflation, in addition to the readjustment granted to workers.

From April 2019 to January 2022, the price of diesel alone increased by 59.2%.


Public transport in the municipality is partly funded by the passenger who pays the fare and partly by the City Hall, through a subsidy.

The difference paid by the municipality to the concessionaire for the Single Ticket of R$ 4.50, for example, is around R$ 1.60.

In 2021, City Hall spent R$44 million in subsidy to keep the service running even during the pandemic, when the number of passengers dropped to 30,000 users per day, while before it was 110,000.

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