Camilo recommends postponing the start of classes for children up to 11 years old in 15 days in Ceará | Ceará

Due to the increase in cases of flu and Covid-19 in recent weeks, the governor of Ceará Camilo Santana (PT) recommended that schools that were scheduled to start classes next Monday (17) postpone the start of activities in 15 days. The measure is aimed at series that include students up to 11 years of age, not yet vaccinated against Covid.

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“And that the schools make this decision shared with the parents of students and children from Ceará”, recommended the governor.

Another measure announced by the manager is the reduction of the maximum audience allowed in football stadiums, which will only be able to host up to 30% of the maximum capacity until February 5th. He recalled that the date is the deadline also established for the reduction of the public of the events.

Another determination makes the use of N95 or similar masks mandatory in pharmacies, supermarkets, schools and other establishments.

“Due to the high contagion power of this wave. Studies have shown that the N95 mask is able to significantly protect the transmission of this variant which, I repeat, is very transmissible. It is an obligation that the committee decided to protect the worker and the population”, explained Camilo .

Increase in positivity in Fortaleza

Ceará Health Secretary Marcos Gadelha accompanied the governor on Friday’s live and also commented on the epidemiological scenario in the capital. Fortaleza has almost 45% of the positivity rate of Covid-19 exams carried out.

“This means that out of 100 people who take the exam, almost half have positive exams, exactly reflecting this high transmissibility of this variant”, commented the secretary.

The increase in positivity also reflects the need for medical care. “The amount of assistance in basic units of Fortaleza has increased a lot. The number of assistances in the UPAs is reaching almost a thousand daily”, added Gadelha.

“We continue with a very strong increase in Covid. The ômicron, the predominant variant today in Ceará, is very aggressive. There is also a very large increase in assistance, especially in health centers and UPAs, although the vast majority of symptoms are mild. more serious, the vast majority are those who did not take the second dose and booster dose”, reinforced Camilo Santana.

The number of patients with flu-like illness at Emergency Care Units (UPAs) in Fortaleza is already double that recorded at the peak of the second wave of Covid, according to the Secretary of Health of Fortaleza, Ana, said on Wednesday (12). Estela Leite.

According to Ana Estela Leite, hospital equipment received over 1,200 people only on Monday (10).

“On January 10th, last Monday, our posts attended the maximum, it exceeded the maximum number of attendances when we had the second wave. We had a maximum of 600 calls per day at the Upas in the second wave. We are now seeing more than 1,200 calls a day.”

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