Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega does not talk about Batoré and receives criticism

The famous presenter of The square is ours from SBT, Carlos Alberto de Nobrega returned to attract the attention of netizens this Thursday (13). Those who follow the veteran of Brazilian television already know that he always insists on saying what he thinks, however, it seems that this time he decided to keep quiet. This is because the professional did not talk about the death of batore in your program.

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For those who don’t know or didn’t follow it, many viewers watched yesterday’s attraction hoping it would have some great tribute to comedian Ivanildo Gomes Nogueira, who died this week, aged 61, a victim of cardiac arrest and also battling cancer.

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The character Batoré marked history on SBT’s A Praça É Nossa in the 1990s and early 2000s. Upon leaving the show, in 2004, Ivanildo stopped talking to Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega and it was a long 14 years without contact between the two. However, the enmity between the two ended after Batoré acted in Globo’s soap opera Velho Chico (2016).

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To the sadness of thousands of fans, the full text posted on Praça’s official YouTube channel does not show the short and simple tribute paid to Batoré. After Carlos Alberto Alberto said goodbye, a photo of Ivanildo Gomes Nogueira was shown with “thank you, Batoré” and the program’s theme song played on the piano. It is also worth mentioning that SBT did not inform why the excerpt was cut on YouTube.

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Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega does not talk about Batoré in A Praça É Nossa on SBT (Photo: Reproduction)
Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega does not talk about Batoré in A Praça É Nossa on SBT (Photo: Reproduction)

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As you can imagine, many netizens used social networks to criticize the attitude of the attraction and also of the famous presenter.

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