cases among crew members affect flights with infant doses of the vaccine

Almost half of the flights for the delivery of pediatric doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, scheduled to take place in recent days, ended up being delayed. In all, 12 of the 26 flights were rescheduled – in some cases, the delays were due to the contamination of the crew by the coronavirus. Even with the delays, the distribution of doses should be completed by the end of the night of this Friday, the 14th, according to the director of logistics at the Ministry of Health.

The information was made public by the director of logistics for the ministry, General Ridauto Fernandes, on the morning of this Friday, 14th. One of the flights canceled due to contamination by the crew was the one that would take the doses to Piauí, for example.

“It is already clear that we had some problems with the flights. They were operational problems. When you have a schedule of more than twenty flights, it is normal for some flights (to have problems). Sometimes cancellations happen, sometimes it takes a little longer to pack and cannot (ship the cargo)”, said Ridauto Fernandes to Estadão. According to the director, however, by the end of the night the distribution of this wave of immunizations to the States will be completed – the last federative unit to receive the vaccines must be Acre.

The delivery of pediatric vaccines is being made free of charge by the company Latam. “We hope that today, by the end of the night, all states will have received the doses that are planned”, said the director of the Department of Logistics.

In a note to the report, the Ministry of Health confirmed that all flight changes “were successful” and that the delivery of doses will be completed this evening. “Deliveries take place less than 48 hours after arrival at the Pulp Distribution Center. Normally this process takes 5 to 9 days”, said the folder.

The first batch of Pfizer’s pediatric vaccines against covid arrived in Brazil at dawn on Thursday, 13, for this Friday. The shipment landed at Viracopos airport, in Campinas (SP) – this morning, the immunizing agent was applied for the first time to a Brazilian child, the indigenous Davi Seremramiwe Xavante, 8 years old. The application took place at a ceremony at Hospital das Clínicas, in São Paulo, with the presence of the state governor, João Doria (PSDB).

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