Centrão wants to see Paulo Guedes out of government

posted on 01/15/2022 06:00

Minister Paulo Guedes with Arthur Lira (L) and Ciro Nogueira (C), two of the chiefs of Centrão - (credit: Michel Jesus / Chamber of Deputies)

Minister Paulo Guedes with Arthur Lira (L) and Ciro Nogueira (C), two of the chiefs of Centrão – (credit: Michel Jesus / Chamber of Deputies)

In the process of frying for months, the head of the Economy, Paulo Guedes, is already considered a “zombie minister” by parliamentarians allied to the government. His departure from the portfolio is taken for granted in the event of President Jair Bolsonaro’s re-election. The question now is how long the economist will be able to “be humiliated” by the Chief Executive.

The most recent coup against the former government minister took place on Thursday, when Bolsonaro signed a decree in which he determines that acts related to the 2022 Budget will have to be submitted to the scrutiny of the Civil House, commanded by Ciro Nogueira, one of the chiefs of Centrão. . If it depends on the government support group, by the way, Guedes could leave before the end of the government.

For federal deputy Fausto Pinato (PP-SP), one of the parties that make up the Centrão, Guedes should not even have accepted to be part of the Bolsonaro administration. “The minister came in and is humiliated by the government, which knows that he has no creativity that could be electorally beneficial for President Jair Bolsonaro, such as taking cheaper credit, with more accessible interest and grace period for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs” , listed.

“Guedes does not have any kind of articulation, even more so in the execution of the Budget, which is President Bolsonaro’s silver bullet, in which he has to base himself on the states and improve in research”, Pinato continued. “The minister, in fact, is there for something else: to endure humiliation and defend someone’s interest. I think, given the facts, maybe bankers.”

Other parliamentarians heard by the report believe that the idea of ​​giving Nogueira the last word on the Budget is a way for Bolsonaro to “take back control” of resources, even if it means removing powers from Guedes, who won financial market support for the president. . Congressmen and political analysts believe, by the way, that this is the only reason why the economist is not sent away, since part of Faria Lima still has sympathy for him.

“Why hasn’t Guedes been fired yet? Because he has a pro-market discourse. This discourse is based on fiscal control, the execution of privatizations, a radicalization of a new labor reform and the minimal state. These four elements meet the demand of the market,” said Adriano Oliveira, a political scientist at the Federal University of Pernambuco. For him, the dismissal of Guedes, now, could create political instability in the government.

André César, political scientist at Hold Assessoria, stressed that there is no one available to “take on this bomb” now. Therefore, Guedes remains in office. “Posto Ipiranga has become a little key chain. It is alone and has become a decorative figure. Not even Bolsonaro expects anything from Guedes,” he added.

In a note released after the publication of the decree that took away more powers from Guedes, the Ministry of Economy said that “the measure does not mean weakening”. “It results from a consensus between the ministries involved, aiming to improve coordination to achieve the government’s objectives and priorities. It is worth remembering that the Civil House and the Ministry of Economy are part of the Budget Execution Board, which is the instance in relevant decisions regarding budgetary matters are taken,” the statement emphasized.

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