CEO Jorge Braga addresses Botafogo fans and celebrates sale to John Textor: ‘It’s a milestone and a cycle that ends’

Jorge Braga, CEO of Botafogo and one of the main responsible for structuring the club to allow the sale of the SAF for the american John Textor, recorded a video statement aimed at the black and white fans, after the approval of the statutory change in general meeting this Friday (1/14).

The manager said he was satisfied with the success of the operation, says that a “cycle is over” and that having accepted the challenge of working at Glorioso was, perhaps, the greatest of his entire professional career.

Check out the testimony of CEO Jorge Braga:

I address myself to the glorious black and white fans, making a personal statement here in the sense that in March of last year, when President Durcesio invited me to carry out this restructuring of Botafogo, I accepted, but I confess that I was a little scared, but very enthusiastic, very stimulated to from that change and change the history of the club.

Since then, every day has been full of economic, financial, brand, product and, why not say, cultural and mental model transformations of the people of Botafogo. This past season, the fans had many reasons to celebrate. Not only the return to Serie A, so awaited and deserved, but also the approval of the SAF Law that definitively changed football in Brazil.

The Botafogo S/A project did not start now, it started in 2019, but in my opinion it needed a clear demonstration that Botafogo had management, the ability to do things, transparency, seriousness, to be able to face this new era. You can’t do that without people, and the people, the talents of Botafogo, have always positively surprised me. And that’s how, together, we made this beautiful movement, this beautiful transformation of Botafogo, aligning with the future and with the new times.

With the arrival of this structuring project, the partnership with XP, an international investor also arrives, who understands the business, who likes football, understands the media and likes people.

Today, January 14th, is a milestone for Botafogo and a personal milestone for me. Today a cycle ends. I feel very happy, very happy, but also very excited and fulfilled to have completed what was perhaps the biggest professional challenge of my career. Greetings from Botafogo and long life to Botafogo!

See the video:

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