Charles and William advised Queen Elizabeth

First on the Queen Elizabeth II succession list, Prince Charles and son William were crucial and encouraged the monarch to withdraw Prince Andrew’s titles as announced yesterday.

Andrew, the youngest and seen as the queen’s favorite, can no longer be considered “Royal Highness” after the US court denies the filing of the sexual abuse complaint.

According to The Sun, the decision passed directly through the next two kings. The Daily Mail called their participation “fundamental” in the decision.

The Queen reportedly decided to withdraw on Wednesday (12), the day before the announcement, after a 1:30 am meeting with Charles and William – Charles’ eldest son is highlighted as a key player in the meeting.

The two reportedly agreed to step down and remove Andrew and were “furious” at the repercussions of the prince’s involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal.

Charles and William “would have been very firm” with the queen when consulted about Andrew, according to biographer Angela Levin.

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A senior courtier already heard said that the queen expressed her opinion on the matter and that Charles led the negotiations.

“Charles has taken a tougher line with Andrew and isn’t exactly sympathetic to his brother’s position, who he considers to be up to his neck in a terrible mess of his own making. […] He effectively made the decision that in order to limit further reputational damage, Andrew had to be removed – effectively expelled as a working family member.”

Sources heard by the British newspaper believe that Andrew is unlikely to return to British royalty.

Andrew was informed of the decision at Windsor Castle and looked pale, according to The Sun. The tabloid claims that this would be one of the queen’s most difficult decisions in her nearly 70-year reign.

The platinum jubilee, celebrated this year, was also pointed to Andrew’s withdrawal, as the prince’s lawsuit could overshadow the celebrations.

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Queen Elizabeth II in her Christmas speech

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The Daily Mail heard from a royal source who said that both Queen Elizabeth and her advisers decided to banish Andrew in the same way as Harry and Meghan.

“They made this decision to protect the institution from being hit by all the shrapnel that is flying around. It follows the same model as the separation of Sussex. The removal of titles and sponsorships means that the institution can now legitimately say that it is not involved.” , reported.

Even though she had a strong attachment to Andrew, as shown in “The Crown”, Elizabeth sanctioned the advice of William and Charles.

“She loves Andrew and that doesn’t mean he’s no longer her son. But a decision had to be made as it was overshadowing everything the family did and their upcoming platinum jubilee,” another source close to the royal said.

150 military veterans wrote to the Queen to ask her to remove Andrew from his honorary military posts amid what they described as “annoyance and anger”.

The complaint was made last year by Virginia Giuffre, one of the victims of the sex crimes of American businessman Jeffrey Epstein. She claims she was abused by Andrew on Epstein’s estate in 2001, when she was 17. Andrew denies.

On Wednesday (12), a New York judge rejected a request by the son of Queen Elizabeth II to file a sexual abuse complaint.

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