Check the INSS benefit values ​​above the minimum wage

The National Institute of Social Security (INSS) go readjust their benefits paid to millions of retirees and pensioners. The correction will be 10.16% for amounts above the minimum wage, according to the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) accumulated in 2021.

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The annual readjustment of payments aims to avoid losses in the purchasing power of policyholders. The INPC is one of the main measures of inflation in the country.

For the correction to be official, the government needs to publish it in the Official Gazette of the Union. To the G1, the Ministry of Labor and Welfare informed that “there is still no fixed date for the publication of the ordinance”.

The new ceiling for INSS payments should change from R$6,433.57 to R$7,087.22 after the review.

Only those who were already receiving the benefit on January 1 of last year will be entitled to the 10.16% readjustment. The other retirees and pensioners will be entitled to lower percentages of readjustment, since they did not receive all the previous twelve months.

Minimum wage benefits

Insureds who receive a minimum wage per month had their payments readjusted to R$ 1,212 on January 1st. By law, the INSS cannot pay less than the national floor to any beneficiary of pensions, sick pay, reclusion aid and death pension.

Check out what the new INSS benefit values ​​should look like:

Source: G1

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