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Caixa Econômica Federal confirmed the release of two PIS-PASEP payments in 2022. the first is the salary allowance, which is paid annually to workers, and it will also be possible to withdraw the PIS-PASEP fund, where you are allowed to withdraw values ​​only once in a lifetime. Find out more in the report.

The PIS-PASEP salary allowance is a benefit released every year by the federal government in which it is paid up to a minimum wage (R$ 1.2 thousand in 2022), according to the months worked in the reference year.

salary allowance

Around 23 million workers in the private sector who worked with a formal contract in 2020 are entitled to the salary bonus. Check out the full PIS 2022 calendar below:

Pasep, on the other hand, is paid by Banco do Brasil to civil servants who meet the salary bonus criteria. For Pasep, the server’s registration number is taken into account, and the first to receive will be those ending in 0 and 1. As with PIS, Pasep will be paid until March of this year and the deadline for withdrawal is until the 29th of December.

Check out the full Pasep 2022 calendar below:

Who will receive PIS-PASEP from January 2022?

According to the decision of Codefat (Deliberative Council of the Fund for Support to Workers), the payment schedule starts in January 2022 and extends until June 2023.

However, the government has not yet defined the payment schedule of the 2022 salary allowance. There is an expectation that it may be according to the worker’s birthday month.

In short, in order to have access to the payment of the PIS/Pasep salary bonus, the citizen must fit the following criteria: requirements:

  • Have worked with a formal contract for at least 30 days in the base year;
  • In addition, the worker may have received a maximum of two minimum wages per month, on average;
  • Parallel to this, the citizen must be enrolled in PIS/Pasep for at least 5 years;
  • Finally, the company where the worker works needs to report the data correctly to the government.

How much will I receive from PIS-PASEP?

It is worth remembering that the allowance is proportional to the number of months worked, Look:

  • Who worked one month should receive — R$ 100
  • Who worked two months should receive — R$ 200
  • Who worked three months should receive — R$ 300
  • Who worked four months should receive — R$ 400
  • Who worked five months should receive — R$ 500
  • Who worked six months should receive — R$ 600
  • Who worked seven months should receive — R$ 700
  • Who worked eight months should receive — R$ 800
  • Who worked nine months should receive — R$ 900
  • Who worked ten months should receive — R$ 1,000
  • Who worked eleven months should receive — R$ 1,100
  • Who worked twelve months should receive — R$ 1,200

The same goes for the base year 2021. In this case, you must add the values ​​of the two years to know the total to which you are entitled.


In turn, the PIS-PASEP fund quotas are released to around 10 million workers, who can withdraw a total of R$ 23 billion.

Despite having a similar name, the quotas are different from the salary bonus. This is because quotas are paid once in a lifetime and are intended for workers who held a formal job. between 1971 and October 1988.

It is worth remembering that in the event of the death of the worker, the heirs can make the withdrawal.

To find out if the worker or heirs have the right to withdraw, just contact Caixa Econômica Federal if they have worked in private companies in the respective years or if public servants contact Banco do Brasil.

It is worth remembering that since June 2020 the balance of the PIS/Pasep fund has become part of the FGTS, so it is also possible to use the channels: FGTS app, through the FGTS website and Caixa internet banking, to check if you are entitled to the benefit.

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