Despite being only 3.5% of the population, almost half of those hospitalized are unvaccinated.

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UPDATE: The report was updated to make it clearer the proportionality of those hospitalized between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Almost half of those hospitalized with covid-19 in infirmary and ICU beds in Espírito Santo are adults who are among the 3.5% of the population that has not yet been vaccinated against the disease. Data from the State Department of Health (Sesa) indicate that 47% of critically ill patients were not immunized.

In summary, half of 3.5% of the unvaccinated against half of 96.5%, which represent the vaccinated, are hospitalized. Proportionally, the unvaccinated group has had more cases of hospitalization than the vaccinated group.

The percentage was informed by the Secretary of State for Health, Nésio Fernandes, in a video released to the press on Thursday afternoon (13).

“The data show that 47% of hospitalizations in ICUs and wards in the State of Espírito Santo are the percentage of 3.5% of the population of the adult state, over 18 years old, who have not yet been vaccinated”, he declared.

The report questioned Sesa about the absolute numbers related to these percentages, but so far there has been no response. As soon as we have an answer, the article will be updated.

Nésio made an appeal for the population to try to get vaccinated or complete the vaccine cycle, not forgetting the second and third doses. According to the secretary, 450,000 capixabas have their vaccination schedule delayed.

They are also a worrying factor, evaluates Fernandes. “Because among the vaccinated, those with the delayed schedule also represent an important percentage of hospital admissions”, he pointed out.

“Get vaccinated as soon as possible because vaccines are safe, effective. They will reduce the risk of hospitalizations and deaths in all those who are vaccinated with a complete schedule”, he reinforced.

“If we consider the percentage of the population under 60 years old, we have 75% of the population over 18 years old occupying the inpatient beds in the ward and ICU”, said the secretary.

According to data from the Covid-19 Panel, updated on Wednesday (12), Espírito Santo has 74.16% of infirmary and ICU beds occupied by patients. This represents 462 of the 623 beds available.

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