Dollar ends week in slight decline and is quoted at R$ 5.513

The commercial dollar had a new fall today and ended the day quoted at R$ 5.513 on sale. A reduction of 0.29%.

This was the fourth consecutive day of decline in the value of the dollar and also the day with the lowest rate since November 16, when the currency closed at R$5.50.

The low was 2.10% compared to the previous week. Both in terms of monthly and annual changes, the American currency dropped 1.12%.

The value of the dollar published daily by the press, including the UOL, refers to the commercial dollar. For those who are going to travel and need to buy currency at exchange brokers, the value is much higher.

Stocks close up 1.33%

In turn, the São Paulo Stock Exchange closed the day at 106,927.79 points, up 1.33% compared to yesterday.

The upward trend was also observed in the weekly (4.10%), monthly (2.01%) and annual (2.01%) changes.

The shares that rose the most today on B3 were from financial institutions. First place went to Banco Inter (BIDI11), which grew 7.15%, followed by Banco Pan (BPAN4), with an increase of 6.65%.

At the other end, the write-offs were driven by Locaweb (LWSA3), which decreased by 4.34%, and by Alpargatas (ALPA4), owner of Havaianas, which fell by 4.10%.

Interest rates in the US

The movement of the American currency in Brazil followed the losses registered abroad in recent days and is mainly due to fears about the direction of interest rates in the United States.

Recently, several Federal Reserve officials — including Lael Brainard, director appointed to the position of vice-chair of the institution — argued that the first interest rate hike in the US since the beginning of the pandemic should take place in March this year.

In Brazil, fiscal risk still worries

Meanwhile, in Brazil, the main factor that has influenced the dollar exchange rate is fiscal risk. Caution around the health of public accounts remained high, after representatives of tax auditors who met with Economy Minister Paulo Guedes on Thursday left the meeting frustrated with the failure to present a solution on the payment of the bonus. of efficiency claimed by the category, speaking of the intensification of its protest movement.

Pressure from various categories of the civil service for salary adjustments has worried market agents in recent weeks, with the perception that more government spending this year could further undermine Brazil’s fiscal credibility. In 2021, it was shaken by the enactment of the PEC dos Precatórios, which changed the federal spending ceiling rule.

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