Eternals: Deleted Scene Reveals Character’s Real Power, Explains Why It’s So Important in the Marvel Movie

Sprite, from Eternals, has the power to create illusions and a deleted scene from the movie explains the real importance of this to the mission of the Marvel group.

Eternals debuted in theaters with divided opinions between critics and the public and the lack of development of the new characters presented was one of the most raised points. Now, an unprecedented scene released by Marvel explores precisely this point: in a deleted excerpt from the film, Sprite (Lia McHugh) and Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) have a very clear dialogue about the real power of the character and proves how great and useful for the group of planet protectors.

Sprite had the superpower to create illusions, and her scene with Whitman at the museum explains that this goes far beyond what we saw her do in the film: the illusions that the eternal is capable of creating are not limited to conjuring images, but also work for abstract concepts. “The reason humans are at the top of the chain is that you believe in structures and principles that don’t really exist. God, nations, money, all concepts. They are stories, illusions. And guess who taught them to you? Me,” says Sprite.

Watch the full scene:

What does Sprite power mean in Eternals?

Just as Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry), for example, taught humanity to develop its technologies, Sprite’s power allows her to drive “order” in civilization, through the introduction of concepts and social rules that establish the way people live. people organize themselves economically, morally, among other aspects. A power that, if we stop to think about it, is primordial, since it essentially guides what society believes and why it acts as it does.

Furthermore, the scene also adds a little more weight to Whitman’s plot in the film: with very few appearances, the character’s importance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe appears only in the last moments. In one of the post-credits scenes of Eternals, we see Sersi’s boyfriend (Gemma Chan) find a supernatural sword, an event that paves the way for him to become the black knight – character who may even become part of the Avengers in the future.

During the movie, we don’t know exactly what Whitman knows about the Eternals or how much he believes in the group’s superpowers. In the deleted scene, he doesn’t seem to believe anything the girl is saying, but at the end of the movie, we see that he did have some knowledge on the subject – how much could Sprite have influenced him?

Where to watch Eternals?

Eternals is now available for streaming and you can find it in the Disney+ catalog. In addition to it, you can also marathon the other MCU movies in the chronological sequence.

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