Even with reinforcements, Cantillo remains on the rise with Sylvinho

Corinthians has been hiring, since last year, big names for the 2022 season, such as Renato Augusto, Giuliano, Willian and, more recently, Paulinho. However, a player who was already in the squad before is still on the rise with the coach: Cantillo.

Something that draws attention is that no signing made so far has targeted the position of first midfielder, which may give an indication that Cantillo starts the season among the holders.

The “Gazeta Esportiva” found that the Colombian is very well rated by Sylvinho and is high with the entire coaching staff for the quality he delivers to the team, especially in the transition between defense and attack.

The midfielder arrived at the club in January 2020, still in the Tiago Nunes era. Since then, there are 66 games played, two goals and five assists in total. With Sylvinho, there were 22 games on the field (21 for the Brasileirão and one for the Copa do Brasil), 18 times as a starter.

In the last classic against Palmeiras in 2021, in the 22nd round of the Brazilian Championship, the coach played Cantillo in the starting lineup, even with complaints that he might not be as combative as Xavier, for example (Gabriel was suspended). However, the Colombian stood out in the match that had Roger Guedes, with two goals against his former team, as a great star.

superiority in numbers

The coach also commonly uses two other pieces, Gabriel, as mentioned, and Du Queiroz. The numbers from “Footstasts” indicate Cantillo’s superiority in relation to his teammates in some aspects in the last Brazilian Championship:


Gabriel: 31 games

Cantillo: 21 games

Du Queiroz: 16 games

Right passes:

Gabriel: 92.4%

Cantillo: 94.3%

Du Queiroz: 91.85%

Wrong passes:

Gabriel: 7.6%

Cantillo: 5.7%

Du Queiroz: 8.15%

Correct Disarms:

Gabriel: 80.9%

Cantillo: 81.58%

Du Queiroz: 95.65%

Right releases:

Gabriel: 32.5%

Cantillo: 52.38%

Du Queiroz: 38.89%

Fouls committed:

Gabriel: 41 fouls (average of 1.32)

Cantillo: 18 fouls (average of 0.82)

Du Queiroz: 17 fouls (average of 1.06)

Loss of ball possession:

Gabriel: average of 1.0

Cantillo: average of 1.0

Du Queiroz: average of 2.0

Yellow cards received:

Gabriel: 6 cards

Cantillo: 3 cards

Du Queiroz: 1 card

Red cards received:

Gabriel: 1 card

Cantillo: 0

Du Queiroz: 0

Advantage in the starting lineup

Given this scenario and also the good relationship with Sylvinho, Cantillo may have some advantage for a spot in the Corinthians starting lineup at the beginning of the season, even though, last Friday, Gabriel was chosen in a first draft of the team in the year. Cantillo was his replacement after a change in the starting lineup.

The alvinegro team makes its debut in the Campeonato Paulista on January 25 against Ferroviária, at Neo Química Arena.

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