Even with SAF, Botafogo’s vice preaches caution for Elkeson and Rafael Carioca: ‘Saying names is premature’

In the minds of fans, theBotafogo got rich” and can now compete for high-level signings with other clubs. However, in practice, the approval of the SAF at a meeting of deliberative Council is on general meeting of partners is still the first step. That’s what the vice president explains. Vinicius Assumpção.

In an interview with “Lance!”, he curbed the excitement for more popular reinforcements, such as Elkeson and Rafael Carioca.

– You can’t say that to the crowd. We have to do what we did since the beginning of the administration, which is to work slowly, with great caution and without raising expectations. To say that I expect Botafogo’s football to improve with all this investment, but to name names now I think it’s too premature, I would be saying something that we’re not sure about. We believe that football will improve a lot – said Vinicius Assumpção.

– Above all, we have to have our feet on the ground until the contract is fully signed. (President) Durcesio (Mello) is leading this. The fans are euphoric for a new perspective of strong football, we also have that hope. Let’s wait until the final signing of the contract. We are hopeful that we have taken a turn in Botafogo’s football and this may reflect decades of victories and achievements – he added.

The director, who is the vice-presidency for finance, also spoke about the destination of the initial R$ 50 million that John Textor will put it in Botafogo.

– What I am allowed to say is that an investment to pay some internal debts, some pressing bills, salaries that need to be adjusted and to make some investments in football. All this will be dealt with internally, led by Botafogo’s management, in the future we should make a disclosure about what we are going to do with this money – he explained.

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