Ex-Manchester United defends not getting vaccinated and questions Bill Gates

In an interview with French TV, Patrice Evra said that people should have the right not to be vaccinated, in addition to associating the virus with politics.

Patrice Evra gave denialist statements this Thursday (1/13) during an interview with French TV. The ex-Manchester United full-back told BFM TV that people should have the right to opt-out or opt-out of the vaccine.

Without having revealed to the public if he has already taken the vaccine against Covid-19, the former French side understands that there should be no judgments between those who are immunized and those who refuse.

“If he is not vaccinated, he is a bad person. But if he’s vaccinated, he’s good. No, everyone is free to do what they want, everyone is free to believe what they want.”

While acknowledging that there have been deaths as a result of Covid-19, the former athlete believes that governments use the pandemic to make political decisions to control people’s freedoms by imposing restrictions.

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Evra criticized the “excess” of space that the subject has in the press: “At the moment, I think we are talking too much about this Covid. I have the impression that even if you have a car accident, they will say it is because you have Covid.”

Asked about the origin of the coronavirus, the Frenchman fired. “No one knows where Covid-19 came from. For me, it was not an accident. I’m not going to say it was programmed, but Bill Gates talked about it in 2013. Covid-19 doesn’t scare me,” he speculated.

Retired from the pitch since 2019, Patrice Evra played for big clubs like Juventus and Manchester United, where he spent eight years, winning several titles, including the Premier League and the Champions League.

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