Fátima Bernardes will leave the Meeting and departure has been planned quietly for months

the output of Fátima Bernardes of Meeting been planned for a few months now. Since last year, movements in the Globe they were already indicating a change in the mornings of the channel.

The former presenter of Jornal Nacional is currently, along with Ana Maria Braga, one of the darlings of the advertising market. It is not for nothing that the commercial department of the station felt the information about his desire to leave the morning.

planned exit

The indication that the Fatima’s departure from the Meeting has already been planned for a few months was given at the launch of Globo’s 2022 programming. At the time, according to what the entertain found out, she didn’t show up at the event.

Contrary to what happened with Ana Maria, for example. The owner of Mais Você reached conversations for a few minutes in an interaction with chef Claude Troisgros and presented opportunities for this year.

Absence of Fátima Bernardes drew attention

The Meeting, like Fátima, was also not part of the launch of the program. Even less prominent attractions, such as Globo Rural, were presented to the advertising market at the time.

The absence of the communicator in the presentation made no sense, as it is a strong name in the market. That in itself already showed that some change would happen in the morning.

At the time, there was even talk of a transfer from Fátima to the afternoon band. This, however, it’s out of the question. Neither the Meeting nor any other entertainment program will occupy any time in the afternoon. The Afternoon Session, by the way, already had its commercial released for 2022 and is right on the grid.

End of Encounter?

The big question internally at Globo today is about the future of the Meeting. It is not yet known if the show will continue on the air. with another presenter or if the grid will be definitively left together with the departure of the incumbent.

Globo studies changes

Changes in the morning schedule are also studied. It is not ruled out giving more time to Mais Você by Ana Maria Braga. Currently, the blonde occupies 1h15 in the mornings on the channel, sharing the space with Fátima, who has the other half of the time.

Patrícia Poeta was even considered as one of the candidates to replace the presenter in charge of the Meeting. But the reality is that it is still too early and Globo is studying how it will proceed in this case.

What is known is that the departure of Fátima Bernardes has been communicated for a long time and the changes are being studied.

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