Faustão’s debut in the Band will have Camila Queiroz and Antonio Fagundes· TV News

This Friday (14), Fausto Silva made a special appearance in Brasil Urgente to publicize the premiere of his program, Faustão na Band, which takes place on Monday (17). The first edition will already have a strong cast, with two actors released by Globo: Camila Queiroz and Antonio Fagundes.

The presenter told José Luiz Datena that the guest’s participation is subject to negative tests for Covid-19, but they will go in couples – Camila will be accompanied by her husband, Klebber Toledo, and Fagundes will go with his wife, Alexandra Martins. The Clothes Nova group will also perform.

Fausto Silva said that his programs will be recorded. Currently, he has done one a day, but later this month he will record two episodes in each workday, to leave a good front. He does not consider presenting the attraction live, from Monday to Friday. “There’s no possibility,” he said.

Faustão’s son, João Guilherme, also appeared in Brasil Urgente and was praised by Datena. “The guy has skill, he’s going to blow it”, bet the presenter.

But Fausto Silva was not content to just be a guest of Brasil Urgente. He recalled old friends and situations he lived with Datena and, keeping an eye on the police coverage in the newspaper, he even warned of an attempted robbery with gunshots in downtown São Paulo. “Don’t you want to present?”, provoked the holder of Brasil Urgente.

Called “Pelé da Band” by Datena, he managed to extract a confession from his friend. When asked by Fausto Silva if he would run for a political office this year, the anchor confirmed that yes, he would run for the Federal Senate. “Guys are afraid. If you go, it’s for real,” commented Faustão.

Check out excerpts from this Friday’s Brasil Urgente featuring Fausto Silva:

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