Felipe Neto reveals that Vinicius, from Ceará from BBB 22, asked for his help in 2017 – Zoeira

the content creator Felipe Neto revealed, this Friday (14), that the BBB 22 participant from Ceará, Vinicius, asked for his help after being victim of a scam four years ago. “Guys, in 2017, BBB’s Vyni sent me very serious directs”, he said when sharing screenshots of messages sent by his brother.

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Tadeu Schmidt at BBB 22

At the time, he asked the influencer to help him fulfill his dream of making a graduation party, after he and his fellow faculty members were deceived by an event organizing company.

“For five years, a financial quota [foi paga] to a company for her to hold our longing class, our ecumenical act and our long-awaited graduation ball. We delivered to this company an amount of R$ 170 thousand”, details the participant in the old message.

Print of messages sent by brother Vinicius to Felipe Neto

Photograph: reproduction

Felipe Neto said he would like to know if his gang managed to graduate and if they managed to catch “the scammers who stole their money”. He also justified that he did not help the Ceará native because he only viewed messages now, after his announcement on the reality show.

Company closes activities with 19 pending parties

Vinicius was one of the victims made by the bankruptcy from the company Enies Events, in September 2017. At the time, the enterprise announced the closure of activities through a post on Facebook.

At least five classes that paid for graduation parties, including the one from Ceará, three couples that paid for wedding parties and the parents of a debutante were counted among the victims. Added together, the final values ​​of all scheduled parties reached the amount of more than a million reais.

As the trainees stated four years ago, entrepreneurs Ednaína Santos and Marcus Allan, responsible for ‘Eniés Eventos’, would have escaped from crato on the day of the closing announcement. The report at the time sought out the company by phone, but the calls were not answered.

Subtitle: Those responsible for ‘Eniés Eventos’, Ednaína Santos and Marcus Allan, were no longer located by the students, after the company closed its activities

In a statement published on the social network, the suspects said that the company went bankrupt. “The economic crisis that devastates our country, has been punishing us during the last two and a half years”, he informed.

Most of the students filed a complaint with the police about the case, but the couple responsible for the company disappeared in the period.

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