Find out where Piovani was while Pedro Scooby was announced at BBB22

A lot of people are anxiously awaiting Luana Piovani’s reaction, after her ex-husband and father of her three children, Pedro Scooby, was officially announced at Bog Brother Brasil 22.

Well then! The LeoDias column followed suit and discovered that at the time of the announcement, the actress, who is in Brazil on business, was beautiful, calm and full in a restaurant in Dias Ferreira, in Leblon, South Zone of Rio, with friends.


Apparently, Luana didn’t even see her ex being announced on reality, she’s not following the news, let alone caring about Pedro’s entry into the house.

Even this week, we looked for Luana to find out what advice she gave Pedro before he confined himself, but she read the message, recorded an audio and then deleted it, making it clear that she prefers not to talk about it for now.

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