Fiuza says that Queiroga’s post about Doria was ‘misguided’: ‘Posture incompatible with a Minister of Health’

Minister of Health stated that the governor makes a ‘standpoint’ with vaccines against Covid-19; program Os Pingos Nos Is commented

DIDA SAMPAIO/ESTADÃO CONTENTMinister of Health criticized João Doria

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, criticized the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB) this Friday, the 14th, and said that the toucan makes a “stage” with vaccines against Covid-19. The statement came after Doria promoted an event for the vaccination of the first child in the state. Politician João Doria underestimate the population. He has the vaccines from the federal government and the Brazilian people in his hands making a stand. Do you think this will get you out of the 3%. Give up! Your marketing will not change the face of your management. Paulistas deserve someone better,” Queiroga wrote on social media.

During your participation in the program The Drops on the Is, gives Young Pan News, commentator Guilherme Fiuza criticized Marcelo Queiroga’s publication. “The post from the Minister of Health was completely wrong. If it is true that Doria is doing politics, and it is possible that it is, because he does politics with everything, so is the Minister of Health. Why did he make this post? Why did he go to the governor of São Paulo talking about the percentage of voting intentions?”, he asked. “I don’t think that’s a posture compatible with a Minister of Health in the midst of a tragedy,” he added.

Watch the program Os Pingos Nos Is this Friday, 14, in full:

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