Frente Pela Vida mobilizes in defense of CONITEC/SUS

The National Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies in the Unified Health System – Conitec/SUS – was created by Law No. Health – SUS.

The Commission is responsible for advising the Ministry of Health in matters related to the incorporation, exclusion or alteration of health technologies by the SUS, as well as in the elaboration of clinical protocols and therapeutic guidelines.

Since its creation, Conitec has operated with transparency and efficiency in the analysis of technology incorporation processes, basing its recommendations on the best available scientific evidence. To decide whether or not to recommend the incorporation of a health technology into the SUS – medicines, vaccines, diagnostic tests, etc. – Conitec examines, with technical rigor, the efficacy, accuracy, effectiveness and safety of the technology, in addition to assess the economic dimension, comparing costs and benefits in relation to existing technologies.

Unfortunately, in the last period, Conitec has been morally harassed by political authorities, including officials from the Ministry of Health itself, in order to make recommendations for technologies without proven efficacy or even with evidence of causing adverse effects, such as the so-called “early treatment” for Covid-19.

In recent days, the entire scientific community has grown apprehensive, especially in the health area, with the possibility of people without proper professional qualifications taking over the coordination of Conitec. If this occurs, there is a risk that Conitec will start to incorporate products and procedures without technical-scientific criteria, but based on political beliefs and ideologies.

In this sense, Frente pela Vida comes to the public to speak out in defense of Conitec, with a technical body capable of fulfilling its mission of protecting the health of all Brazilians.

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Rio de Janeiro, January 14, 2022

Front for Life
Abrasco – Brazilian Association of Collective Health
ABrES – Brazilian Health Economics Association
ABEn – Brazilian Nursing Association
CEBES – Brazilian Center for Health Studies
FENAFAR – National Federation of Pharmacists
SBB – Brazilian Society of Bioethics
SBMFC – Brazilian Society of Family and Community Medicine
UBM – Brazilian Union of Women



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