Gleici Damasceno says she has already kissed Paulo André

Gleici Damasceno, champion of the “BBB 17”, said that she already had one of those announced for the BBB 22 cabin. She shared a comment shortly after the athlete Paulo André was confirmed on the reality show.

“Kiss well”, said the ex-BBB in a post on Twitter. “Who?”, asked former participant Rízia Cerqueira. “Gleici taradona”, joked in the sequence the singer Pocah, from “BBB 21”.

The fans of the winner of the “BBB 17” also joked with the publication. “So that’s the one you said ‘I can’t believe he got in’, huh?” wrote one of the admirers.

The name of Paulo André was indicated by fans after Boninho showed the hands of participants in one of the tips given before the official announcement. From speculation, splash talked to people close to him and confirmed that the athlete is among those confined in the cabin.

A highlight of the new generation of Brazilian athletics, the 23-year-old has already competed in an Olympics and was present at one of the most talked about parties of the year — Farofa da GKay.

Gleici Damasceno was one of yesterday’s guests in a broadcast about the premiere of “Big Brother Brasil 22”. During the chat on “Rede BBB”, the ex-BBB declared herself to presenter Rhudson Victor and called him beautiful.

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